Dual Surface Gliders


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The COREFX Dual Surface Gliders offer the best of both worlds, with layered felt for gliding on hard surfaces and detachable ABS plastic bases for gliding on Carpet. These gliders feature unique, textured foam cushion to provide traction and support. Keep the gliders together while traveling with a light, mesh carry-case.

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The COREFX Dual Surface Gliders are built to engage your core as you slide on virtually any surface for a full body at home workout.


  • Core Workout: Place the gliders under your hands, feet or knees to strengthen and tone your upper and lower body
  • Added Grip:  Features a unique foam grip with a layer of cushioning, for ultimate support and traction. 
  • Portable: Small and easy to pack so you can get in a great abdominal workout in the comfort of your home! 

Why You Need It:
The COREFX The Dual Surface Gliders can perform a variety of bodyweight exercises, helping you improve your mobility, flexibility and balance. 

How It Helps:
The Dual Surface Gliders will help you tone, sculpt and challenge your abs, chest, arms and legs as you use your bodyweight to target selected muscle groups!

What You Can Do With It:
The COREFX Gliders can help you work on your core strength with the gliders on your hands, knees or feet while performing a variety of exercises from push-ups to mountain-climbers. 



As an industry leader in high performance strength and conditioning equipment, COREFX uses real-world field testing and cutting-edge innovations to provide the highest quality of products. COREFX has an unmatched selection of strength, resistance, cardio and recovery equipment that will help fitness athletes of all levels harness their maximum potential, increase their overall health, and find their Strength From Within!

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