Ice Compression Back Wrap


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The HYPERICE Back Wrap is a great multi-layered compression wrap that helps prevent and recover back pain and inflammation, helping revitalize your core and restabilize your body.

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The HYPERICE Back Wrap offers maximum coverage (10″ X 10″) and is made of an ultra-thin antimicrobial Ice cell that provides rapid cold transfer for sore muscles. It also features a flexible design to conform to the body’s contours with a built in air release valve enabling maximum compression. This Back Wrap is designed for treating and/or preventing: back soreness, stiffness, spasms, overuse, strain, arthritis, sciatica, and SI joint pain. 


  • Mobility while Icing: The Hyperice back wrap provides a non-restrictive design, allowing for a greater range of motion and mobility while icing. This allows you to  walk around, while the ice stays in place for optimal recovery. 
  • Top Quality: Constructed with industry-leading Ice Cell technology. Also features a double layered premium-grade neoprene compression wrap with a plush finish.
  • Easy to Manage: Made with an oversized opening and secure lid, allowing for an easy recovery process. 
  • No More Uneven Icing: Features an  airtight cell and compression wrap, designed for an even dispersal of ice for the targeted area. 

Why You Need It:
The Back Wrap will help alleviate any pain and swelling in the mid-lower back, while allowing you to multitask and go about your busy day.  

How It Helps:
This device is engineered to treat and prevent back pain associated with stiffness, soreness, overuse, spasms, or sciatica. This Back Wrap helps you recover efficiently due to its patented air release technology that allows for maximum compression.

What You Can Do With It:
This multi-layered compression wrap can be used at home or on the go to help manage pain and inflammation in your lower back area.

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Whether you’re a pro athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or someone looking to create a healthier lifestyle, Hyperice believes that movement plays an important role in one's quality of life. Their muscle recovery tools such as heat massage (Venom), ice compression, air compression (NormaTec), and percussion massagers (Hypervolt) feature innovative technology that combines physiology and science to help you move better.
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