Neon Skipping Elastics

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Spend hours skipping, jumping, twisting and creating new moves whilst chanting simple rhymes. Two players stretch the elastic rope around their legs the 3rd player jumps in and out of the rope and create different patterns.

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144″ L. Set of 6.



A Jumper jumps until a jumping mistake or “miss” is made.
– A miss can be made if a jumper jumps “out” instead of “in”.
– A miss is also made if a jumper touches the rope incorrectly while jumping the game.
After a miss, the jumper trades positions with an ender. The jumper starts from the very beginning of the game on the next turn. Every Jump Rope game begins with the rope held in basic position.


1. Face each other and step inside the rope.
2. Place the rope around the ankles.
3. Step back until the rope is stretched.
Two parallel jumping lines, about 12 inches (30cm) apart, are stretched between the enders. The jumper stands outside the rope, ready to play.
Simple words describe simple CJR jumping steps!
“IN” – Jump both feet inside the rope.
“ON” – Jump both feet on top of the rope.
– The left foot lands on the left rope; the right foot lands on the right foot.
“OUT” – Jump both feet from the middle to the outside of the rope.
– Feet land together on one side.
“SIDE OUT” – Jump over both ropes from one side.
– Both feet land together on the other side of the rope.
“STRADDLE OUT” – Jump a straddle!
– The left foot lands outside the left side of the rope.
– The right foot lands outside the right side of the rope.
“SIDE-BY-SIDE” – Jump quickly side-to-side. Both feet start “out” one side of the ropes.
– Jump side: The left foot lands outside the left rope.
– The right foot lands inside the rope.
– Jump side again quickly: The left foot lands inside the rope.
– The right foot lands outside the right rope.
Jumpers call the steps out loud while jumping. Calling helps the jumper remember the “pattern” of the jumps!


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