Rainbow Practice Tennis Balls

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These tennis balls are brightly coloured, have great bounce and can be incorporated into any classroom or camp. These balls are also in our New “Safe Recess Kit”. Here is a great game idea I found online for this set. Each ball weighs 28.5 grams and are 2.5” in diameter.

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In small groups (or individually) players must perform an action without making a mistake before moving onto the next action.

EIGHT: Throw ball in the air and clap eight times before catching the ball.

SEVEN: Throw ball against wall and catch on the full seven times.

SIX: Throw ball against wall and catch on the bounce six times.

FIVE: Throw ball against wall and perform a tuck jump before catching the ball on the full five times.

FOUR: Throw the ball against a wall and as it rebounds pat it against the floor four times.

THREE: Throw ball against a wall, clap your hands in front, then behind, then in front again before catching the ball three times.

TWO: Throw the ball under your leg against a wall, perform a 360 rotation, then catch it on the full twice.

ONE: Throw the ball against a wall, perform a push up, stand up, then catch the ball on the full.


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