YBell® Neo


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The YBell® is a must for your home gym! With it’s functional yet sleek design you can perform hundreds of exercises with one piece of equipment.



The YBell® is a 4-in-1 piece of fitness equipment with endless workout possibilities. The unique design features elements similar to a kettlebell, dumbbell, double-grip medicine ball, and push-up grip combined! The YBell® was carefully designed by fitness experts and industrial designers to make it easy and accessible for everybody.


XS = 10 LB / 4.5 KG
S = 14 LB / 6 KG
M = 18 LB / 8 KG
L = 22.5 LB / 10 KG
XL = 27 LB / 12 KG


  • Top Quality: Covered with non-rust and non-slip neoprene material.
  • Train Anywhere: Portable for training anywhere. Get in a workout in your home gym, outdoors, commercial gym, you name it.
  • Ultimate Performance: YBells feature an evenly weight distribution making the movements much easier to control.

Why You Need It:

The YBell® is extremely versatile for all fitness levels as it comes in a range of weight variations, designed for multi functional exercises. The YBell® Neo is truly the one piece of equipment for everyone!

How It Helps:

The YBell® Neo is made up of a non-slip, non-rust neoprene that can provide you with efficient and effective workouts anywhere!

What You Can Do With It:

The YBell® selection will help you achieve all of your fitness goals in the comfort of your home! Use them as dumbbells, kettlebells, push up variations, swings, deadlifts, and much more!



The ultimate all-in-one strength training tool was designed to make working out easy and achievable for any skill level. The YBell was carefully designed by fitness professionals to combine four gym essentials into one! The top-quality design is a portable weighted piece of fitness equipment used for endless workout possibilities. The unique shape and 4 handles can be used for kettlebell, dumbbell, double-grip medicine ball, and push-up grip training exercises.

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XS (10 LB), S (14 LB), M (18.5 LB), L (22.5 LB), XL (27 LB)


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