Recover Faster. Train Harder.
A revolutionary full-body recovery device used by professional athletes, Olympians, and weekend warriors to recover 3X faster.
Increased Blood Flow Means Faster Recovery
By stimulating the peroneal nerve (a nerve in your leg) firefly increases blood flow. This means more fresh blood and oxygen to reduce lactic acid and soreness, eliminate toxins, and keep muscles flexible.
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Firefly recovery on couch
Firefly Portable Recovery Device
By applying gentle electrical stimulation to targeted muscle groups, Firefly significantly reduces full-body recovery time, effectively speeding up the healing process.
Placing firefly recovery knee strap on athlete
Firefly Recovery Knee Straps
Keep your Firefly Portable Recovery Device in place. The knee straps help to secure the device so that you can recover quicker, reduce muscle soreness and train harder.
Get Back to Training, Faster
By stimulating and increasing blood flow Firefly improves full-body recovery time by 3X.
No Wires To Hold You Back
Firefly is designed to fit into your active lifestyle. Simply apply and recover anywhere, anytime. Never be tied down by wires again.
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