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The Firefly Portable Recovery Device features innovative technology designed to enhance an athlete’s recovery process by stimulating and increasing blood flow throughout the body. By applying gentle electrical stimulation to targeted muscle groups, Firefly significantly reduces full-body recovery time, effectively speeding up the healing process. This portable device harnesses the power of enhanced blood circulation to deliver accelerated recovery benefits, allowing individuals to bounce back from physical exertion up to 3x faster than traditional recovery methods. With its convenient and user-friendly design, Firefly offers a portable solution for optimizing recovery and promoting overall well-being.

Includes one pair of Firefly devices which will last for 30 hours of recovery.
Firefly Recovery Knee Straps sold separately.

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Used by Olympians, professional athletes, and weekend warriors, this pair of Firefly Portable Recovery Devices provide a revolutionary new way to recover from workouts 3x faster by increasing full-body blood flow.
Unlike traditional recovery devices, Firefly doesn’t tie you down with wires and bulky equipment. It’s designed to move with you and fit into your active lifestyle.


  • Recover Faster, Train Harder: This pair of Firefly Portable Recovery Devices are small and portable, so you can take them with you wherever you go.
  • Stimulates Blood Flow: The portable devices send small electrical pulses to stimulate your peroneal nerve in your leg, creating a small foot “flutter” and increasing blood flow by 400%.
  • More Blood & Oxygen: Increased blood flow means your muscles get more oxygen and nutrients to reduce soreness and help your body recover from exercise faster.

How to Use:

Step 1: Identify proper placement.

Firefly is easiest to place if you are seated and your legs are bent. To find the fibular head, start at your outer ankle bone and follow the side of your leg up toward your knee until you reach the bony spot, known as the fibular head. It will be found just below the knee on the outside of the leg. Your peroneal nerve will be found here.

Step 2: Apply Firefly

Peel off the plastic backing and save it to store the device later. Ensure the application area is clean and dry before placing the Firefly device. Stick it to your skin so that the raised indicator line (marked with arrows) is positioned at the center of the fibular head. The circular head of the device should be positioned towards the front of the leg, while the tail of the device is wrapped around to the back of the calf, just below the crease of the knee.

Step 3: Operate the Device.

Once you have the device secured in place, press the “+” button to turn on. There are 7 levels of intensity. The light will blink to indicate the level (2 flashes = level 2). Increase the intensity by pressing the “+” button or decrease by pressing the “-” button. Find a level that is comfortable while also providing a slight “flutter” of your feet. When finished, press and hold the “-” button 3 seconds to power OFF. After you remove the device, replace the plastic backing for storage.

Side Effects
Skin Inflammation or Irritation In some cases, skin inflammation or irritation can develop in the contact area: either remove the device or re-attach in the alternative fitting positions. If the condition persists or recurs, obtain specialist medical advice before resuming use.
Seek specialist medical opinion if the patient is/has: Implanted electronic devices (e.g. a cardiac pacemaker), Recently diagnosed or suspected DVT, Pregnant or breast feeding, Diagnosed heart condition, Epilepsy, Had recent surgery where muscle contractions may disrupt the healing process, Used the device for 28 consecutive days, Allergic to acrylic acid (the gel contains acrylic polymers)
Do not use:
· During any activity in which involuntary muscle contractions may put the user or others at risk of injury (e.g. Driving or operating machinery)
· When bathing or showering – switch off the device and remove temporarily
· If the device has been worn by another individual – this will carry risk of infection
· If packaging is open or damaged
· If device is damaged Device should not be used on the following areas of the body: · Head · Eyes · Mouth · Neck (especially the carotid sinus)
· On the chest, upper back or crossing over the heart. This may increase the risk of cardiac fibrillation.
Do not apply over or near the following:
· Sore, infected or inflamed areas
· Broken skin or skin eruptions, e.g. phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins etc.
· Cancerous lesions.
Do not use in proximity of the following equipment/environments, which could result in the possible degradation of the performance of the geko device:
· Short wave/ microwave equipment (i.e. within 1m)
· Portable RF communications equipment (including peripherals such as antenna cables and external antennas) (i.e. within 30cm)
· Heat sources, such as fires or radiant heaters
Do not use in oxygen rich environments.
Use on children – the safety of the device has not been tested in children; we do not recommend using the device on children.



The Firefly Portable Recovery Device is an innovative technology designed to enhance the recovery process by stimulating and increasing blood flow throughout the body. By applying gentle electrical stimulation to targeted muscle groups, Firefly significantly reduces full-body recovery time, effectively speeding up the healing process.
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