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The limited edition Hyperice Tech Pack is a functional yet fashionable backpack that lets you carry the entire Hyperice vibration technology line. Features the signature Vyper Tunnel, allowing for easy access to the Vyper 2.0, for on the go whenever you need to roll out.

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This 38 litre Tech Pack includes a 100% Polyester water resistant base with a zippered foil-lined pocket providing you with space for your beverage/snack of choice. The Tech Pack also includes spring loaded shoulder straps with an extra large water bottle pocket, a moisture resistant compartment with padded laptop sleeve, and a media/phone pocket.


  • Top Quality: Constructed of a 100% waterproof, matte black silicone exterior.
  • Functional: Features spring loaded shoulder straps, padded laptop sleeve and media pocket, and designated water bottle pocket.

Why You Need It:

Take your training anywhere! The Tech Pack has really thought of it all, with all of your fitness needs in mind.

How It Helps:

The Tech Pack makes your traveling process from A to B an easy process, while carrying all the Hyperice tools essentials, allowing you to perform your best.

What You Can Do With It:

You can carry the entire Hyperice vibration technology line with our Tech Pack.

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Whether you’re a pro athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or someone looking to create a healthier lifestyle, Hyperice believes that movement plays an important role in one's quality of life. Their muscle recovery tools such as heat massage (Venom), ice compression, air compression (NormaTec), and percussion massagers (Hypervolt) feature innovative technology that combines physiology and science to help you move better.
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