Crush every moment
KT Tape is trusted by athletes & active individuals of all types for pain relief and support.  When properly applied, KT Tape lifts the skin**, temporarily increasing local blood flow, and reducing muscles soreness.*  With applications for everyday wear, to extreme exercise, there is a KT Tape designed for you.
Take your movement to the next level
Elevate your performance with KT Tape and unleash the power of support and mobility. Discover the ultimate range for enhanced movement and comfort.
Jet Black KT Tape Pro
KT Tape Pro
KT Tape Pro® can be worn in the shower, in the pool, or while riding waves at the beach. Synthetic performance fibers are fast-drying, water resistant, and provide superior strength, stretch, and recoil. KT Tape Pro® also features an adhesive formulated to remain in place for 4-7 days.
KT Ice Sleeve size small / medium
KT Ice Sleeve
The KT Health Ice Sleeve is the best way to get both cold therapy and flexible compression for sore muscles and joints. With a breakthrough design that molds around elbows, knees and other joints, the KT Ice Sleeve makes it easy to apply up to 20 minutes of therapeutic cold therapy, while also providing light compression benefits.