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The 12 cotton bean bags included in this set are filled with recycled plastic pellets and can be used for replacing old bean bags or adding to the collection at school, at home or for on-the-go game use!

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The Bean Bag Set features 12 cotton bean bags in six different colours for preschool, elementary physical education, family play and yard game use.


  • Durable Materials: Each Bean Bag has a soft cotton stitched construction and is filled with recycled plastic pellets. Each bag measures 5” x 4”.
  • Multi Coloured: The Bean Bag Set includes two of each colour option (purple, green, yellow, red, and orange), which allows for games with up to six coloured teams.
  • Fun For All Ages: For young children, the Bean Bag Set provides safe tossables for developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Bean Bags are also extremely popular for families and adult yard games such as corn hole and bean bag target games.

Why You Need It:

Whether you are looking to add to your current bean bag collection, replace torn bean bags or you’re just starting off, the Bean Bag Set includes 12 cotton pellet filled bean bags to provide endless game possibilities.

How It Helps:

Bean bags are a soft and safe tool for improving hand-eye coordination and developing motor skills. The 5” x 4” bean bags are a perfect size and weight to easily grasp, catch and throw.

What You Can Do With It:

Kids and adults of all ages can enjoy playing with bean bags. They can be used for balancing activities, races, hula hoop toss games, hopscotch, juggling, cornhole, hot potato, hackey sack, target games and many more!

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