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The Double Under Speed Rope has a brand new design that makes it perfect for CrossFit double unders and speed jumping. Each Double Under Speed Rope is made from ultra-thin cable encased in vinyl with a unique handle connection point for maximum rotation speed. The bushing design of the Double Under Speed Rope allows for super fast rotation speeds perfect for athletes looking for a smooth rotating skipping rope.

 11′ Speed Rope (adjustable for a custom fit). Handles 6.5in long.

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The COREFX Double Under Speed Rope features a unique handle connection point for maximum rotation, designed for optimal speed. This will enhance the effectiveness of your cardio workout providing you with an incredible workout!


  • High Speed: Our Skipping Rope allows your handle to move in all directions, reducing friction and increasing speed. This Is due to the unique, spherical ball bearing design allowing  the rope to spin more freely. 
  • Added Grip:  Features special grooves that have been specifically incorporated to provide you with additional grip to ensure optimal performance. Handles are 6.5in long.
  • Customized Length: The Double Under Skipping Rope has 11’ cable rope length that can be easily adjusted to your desired length to fit your height perfectly. 

Why You Need It:
The COREFX Double Under Speed Rope can provide you with a more intense workout, helping you achieve your fitness goals at rapid speed. 

How It Helps:
The COREFX Double Under Speed Rope can be adjusted for a customized workout.  This customized length can help improve your skipping rope experience and overall performance significantly.

What You Can Do With It:
The COREFX Double Under Speed Rope can be used in various workouts such as MMA, boxing, bodybuilding, personal fitness training and home and outdoors workouts.

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