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This Egg and Spoon game set includes six crackable plastic egg shells, each concealing an egg yolk, along with six vibrant spoons in rainbow colors. Perfect for obstacle courses and outdoor activities, this durable plastic and engaging game promotes coordination, balance, and friendly competition. Watch as kids and players of all ages crack the competition wide open and scramble to the finish line with laughter and joy. Bring active physical education play to the next level with our entertaining and durable Egg and Spoon Game!


Introducing our Egg and Spoon Game Set – the perfect blend of fun and fitness for kids! Ideal for obstacle courses and physical education, this game promotes coordination, balance, and laughter. Get ready to crack open a world of active play with our Egg and Spoon Game – where every race is an egg-citing adventure!


  • Improves Balance: Use the spoon to balance your egg without dropping it. This encourages balance improvement for all ages.
  • Set of 6: Includes 6 spoons in various rainbow colours, 6 egg shells, and 6 egg yolks.
  • Cracking Egg with Yolk Design: Add excitement to your egg and spoon race without wasting real eggs or creating a real mess. Each egg has the ability to crack open when dropped, revealing the fake yolk interiors. Great for indoor or outdoor games!
  • Versatile and Fun: Great for players of all ages. Ideal for elementary physical education gym games, family gatherings, children parties, obstacle courses, and teaching activities.
  • Customize the Challenge: Increase difficulty by holding the spoon with your mouth, wearing a blindfold, etc.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 5 in


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