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The H360 Soccer Ball is great for matches, and is built to stand heavy wear, match after match. This ball will really help the player develop confidence by working on their skills and be able to generate more power when striking the ball.

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The H360 Soccer Ball has multi-layering lamination that is used to create a shock-proof and ultra-soft foam outer shell. Each Hybrid Ball is lined with parachute fabric and uses an anti-fungal waterproof adhesive. The ball has a winded bladder that is fitted with a specially developed valve for longer shape and air retention.


  • Durability: Designed with several layers of lamination for a shock-proof outer feel.  
  • Top Quality: Winded bladder provides maximum air retention and durability.
  • Water Proof: Features a leak-proof adhesive, keeping water out in wet conditions.


360 Athletics

From the playground to the classroom, 360 Athletics aims to assist students in achieving an active and healthy lifestyle. With a large selection of institutional and team equipment includes play balls, games & activities, team sport equipment, coaching gear and more!

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