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This pair of replacement measurement High Jump Labels show a range from 0.75 meters to 2.03 meters and 30 inches to 58 inches, ensuring accurate and comprehensive tracking of high jump heights in both metric and imperial units. Time to upgrade your labels to provide easy-to-read measurement tracking? This pair of stickers will ensure that your track and field high jump scores are recorded fairly for some friendly competition.


Pair of two replacement high jump labels to provide a clear reading on the high jump standards at your school, club, community centre or park. Ensure fair play by keeping your high jump measurements clean and legible.

  • Easy-To-Read: The text on the labels are evenly spaced and in large legible font for accurate legibility.
  • Two Forms of Measurement: Each label showcases in meters and inches. Measuring a range from 0.75 to 2.03 m and 30 to 58 in.
  • Fair Competition: Standardized measurements ensure fairness in competition by providing a consistent basis for comparison among athletes. It ensures that all participants are evaluated under the same conditions, promoting fairness and integrity in the sport.
  • Safety: By adhering to established standards, organizers can set up appropriate equipment and landing areas, reducing the risk of injuries related to improperly configured high jump apparatus.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 5 in


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