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The Concorde Hurdles are great for agility training to help boost your speed, improve coordination and enhance your performance! With two height options available, you can combine the hurdles in various drill patterns to suit your training needs. Sold individually.


The Concorde Hurdles can be used for agility training, warm-up, and team drill exercises. They feature a soft, flexible material that collapses on contact and bounces back to its original position. This allows for advanced training while providing you with the confidence to achieve your training goals. With two size variations, the possibilities of patterns and drill combinations are endless. The bright yellow colour provides maximum visibility in any training facility, home gym, field or outdoor space.


  • Soft and Flexible: The soft, flexible material collapses on contact but bounces back to its original shape and position. This added safety will allow you to train with confidence!
  • Two Size Variations: Available in 6” and 12” heights, the two size variations can be used individually or together in various drill patterns to suit your training needs.
  • High Visibility: The bright yellow colour of these hurdles allows for high visibility in any agility training environment!

Why You Need It:
Incorporating the Concorde Hurdles into your workout routine will help you to boost your explosive speed, improve coordination and enhance your overall performance. This training tool is great for game day warm-ups, practice sessions of training drills for a variety of sports such as football, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, and more!

How It Helps:
With the Concorde Hurdles ranging from 6” to 12” sizing, the added height forces the athlete to raise their feet and get off the ground, concentrating on their footwork patterns. This helps with agility, foot speed, balance and overall coordination.

What You Can Do With It:
Use the hurdles individually or together in various patterns to mix up your cardio and agility training routine. With the Concorde Hurdles, your drills can include different steps, hops, shuffles, runs, and crossover patterns.

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This proudly Canadian brand features a wide-range of fitness, sports therapy and yoga products, perfect for beginner to advanced athletes! The Concorde line-up includes all of the must-have essentials for your home gym, yoga studio, sport injury rehabilitation, or athlete agility training.


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