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The KT Health Ice Sleeve provides cold therapy, light compression and pain relief for muscles and joints. The direct 360° cooling reduces swelling and keeps you moving. The flexible, soft and comfortable material provides flexible compression that can move with you. Available in two sizes to use on knees, elbows and other joints for maximum comfort. Includes an insulated travel pouch to keep your sleeve cool while on the go.

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The Ice Sleeve by KT Health provides cold therapy and flexible compression for sore joints and muscles. The revolutionary design molds around the knees, elbows and other joints. The KT Ice Sleeve is easy to apply up to 20 minutes of therapeutic cold therapy with light compression benefits.

This kinesiology sleeve is perfect for runners, bikers, or anyone needing relief from sore joints. KT Ice Sleeve helps you keep moving! The Insulated Travel Pouch that is included allows you to ‘take your freezer with you to have the Ice Sleeve ready after long gym workouts or sport games. Say goodbye to your old, leaky ice packs and hello to a new level of comfort with the KT Recovery+ Ice Sleeve!

Key Features:

  • Reduce pain & swelling directly on joints with 360° cooling.
    Can be applied directly to skin – ensuring efficient transfer of cold from the sleeve into aching joints and muscles.
  • Comfortable, light compression while icing.
    For use on Elbows and Knees – 2 of the most common & complained about joints for swelling and soreness.
  • Microfiber fabric feels comfortable and soft on skin and stretches to conform to the body wherever cold therapy is needed.
  • Flexible to move with you.
  • Safe for any household freezer. Store the KT Ice Sleeve in the freezer indefinitely and always have flexible cold therapy ready when you need it.
  • Included isulated travel pouch keeps sleeve cool while on the go, making it easy to apply cold therapy on-the-go!

Every body is different, so make sure to check the handy sizing guide to pick the right ice sleeve for you. KT Ice Sleeve is available in 3 sizes (S/M, L/XL, 2XL/3XL).

Sizing Guide

Small / Medium – Fits Most Elbows – 9-13 inches (23-33 cm) circumference
Large / X-Large – Fits Most Knees – 14-20 inches (35-51 cm) circumference

Common uses for Ice Sleeve include:

  • Ice Sleeve on elbow helps address tennis elbow or other joint soreness.
  • Ice Sleeve on knees for recovery from a long run or intense workout
  • Leg icing with Ice Sleeve helps recovery from high-impact activities like basketball or other competitive team sports.
  • Cold compression combines the benefits of ice therapy with benefits of a light compression sleeve.
  • Drug-free alternative for cold therapy, pain relief, and light compression
  • Ice Sleeve for pain management, after an ankle or joint sprain.

Additional information

Weight 2.45 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 5 in

S/M, L/XL, 2XL/3XL


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KT Tape® has revolutionized the sports medicine industry by introducing advanced and recognized kinesiology tape and recovery products. KT Tape is a leader in sports related drug-free pain and sports injury treatment. The mission of the company is to develop breakthrough solutions to help enable fitness enthusiasts and athletes to perform their best. Crush every moment.
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