MB2 Roller®

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With an adjustable length, the MB2 Roller® features a double massage ball design with layered EVA foam to encourage blood and oxygen flow. The MB2 can be used on smaller muscles around the spine or can be extended to target larger muscle areas.

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Measuring at 9.5” x 4.3” x 2.6”, this connected massage ball tool helps to stimulate circulation, increase mobility and improve posture. The length can be adjusted and locked for smaller muscles, or extended to target larger areas. The TriggerPoint™ MB2 Roller® is designed for relieving trigger points in the back and spine, but can also be used on various other areas of the body for muscle recovery.


  • High Quality Construction: The two connected 2.6” diameter massage balls use a patented, layered constructed composed of different densities. The MB2 Roller® is highly durable, water resistant and easy-to-clean.
  • Adjustable: Designed with two length settings to adjust based on your desired recovery area.
  • Muscle Recovery: The MB2® Massage Roller is designed to roll along either side of the spine to target tight muscles and stiffness in the neck and back.

Why You Need It:

This lightweight (0.24 lbs) recovery device is portable at only 9.5” x 4.3” x 2.6” in size. You can easily take this recovery tool with you for on-the-go recovery pre or post workout. The MB2 Roller® is also ideal for anyone who would like to improve their back pain, neck pain, and posture.

How It Helps:

The double massage ball design with layered EVA foam compresses to “grip” the tissues, encouraging blood and oxygen flow. The foam construction offers optimal compression and pressure for safe, effective and targeted self-massage.

What You Can Do With It:

The adjustable length design in the MB2 Roller® can be locked, extended or retracted to target smaller to larger muscles in the neck and back. Rolling out over the spine, this TriggerPoint tool offers a targeted self-massage solution for athletes and users of all levels and ages.


TriggerPoint Therapy

With industry-leading foam rollers, massage balls and self-massage devices, TriggerPoint has a great selection of products for your everyday recovery and movement needs. Adding TriggerPoint’s life-enhancing brand to your daily routine helps to empower and improve personal wellness and performance!

Additional information

Weight 0.24 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 4.3 × 2.6 in


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