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The Refurbished Venom Back  is a digitally connected one size fits all back device that utilizes Nanotechnology heat. Features 4 vibration pods to warm up, loosen, and relax sore / stiff muscles, and includes a detachable lithium battery pack for convenience and on the go recovery. AC charger included.

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The Open Box Venom Back has less than 30 days of use and may have signs of use, although it is in perfect working order. Comes with the manufacturer’s 1-year original warranty. 

The Venom Back is a wearable device that uses the industry’s best technology to help you Move Better. Provides the optimal heat massage, allowing the user to customize their massage with a digital touch screen controlling the vibration pattern, temperature, and timer.


  • Mobility: Features cutting-edge technology that delivers heat and vibration to warm up, loosen, and relax sore/stiff muscles.
  • Top Quality: Constructed of Premium PlushTM neoprene, providing a custom and comfortable fit. 
  • Digital Touch Screen Control: Offers nanotechnology heat and vibration that will automatically power off after the optimal session time (after a 20 min time frame). Heats up to 160°F within 90 seconds. 
  • Personalized Treatment: Features 4 1” vibration pods that operate in 3 different vibration settings. These pods also offer multiple heat levels to suit your specific recovery needs. 


Why You Need It:
This wearable device will provide you with the ultimate recovery solution, helping you relax and loosen sore or stiff muscles in your lower back. 

How It Helps:
The Venom Back provides you with a powerful back massage that you can control. This device helps you recover from an intense workout, and/or helps sooth painful backaches in the comfort of your work, at home, or before/after a massage treatment.  

What You Can Do With It:
Easily customize your massage by choosing between multiple heat levels and vibration patterns on the digital touch screen. 



Whether you’re a pro athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or someone looking to create a healthier lifestyle, Hyperice believes that movement plays an important role in one's quality of life. Their muscle recovery tools such as heat massage (Venom), ice compression, air compression (NormaTec), and percussion massagers (Hypervolt) feature innovative technology that combines physiology and science to help you move better.

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