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The COREFX Skipping Rope will provide you with a great cardio workout! With the removable caps for adjustable length, and comfort-grip handles you can be sure to get the most out of your workout!

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The COREFX Skipping Rope is great for everyone! Especially those who are Crossfit fanatics, professional boxers, or  fitness enthusiasts! 


  • Adjustable Length: Features removable handle caps that can adjust the length of the rope up to 9’ for a customized workout. 
  • Added Grip: TPR web non-slip grip handles with special grooves were designed to provide you with additional grip for optimal performance.
  • Top Quality: Constructed of durable PVC non-twist rope design that does not kink or tangle in comparison to other jump ropes. 

Why You Need It:
The COREFX Skipping Rope will provide you help tone your muscles and help you reach your peak fitness just about anywhere!

How It Helps:
This Skipping Rope will help improve your heart rate, tone muscles in the lower and upper body, and burn body fat at rapid speed.

What You Can Do With It:
The COREFX Speed Rope can provide you with countless exercises that can be worked into various workouts. These include: MMA, boxing, bodybuilding, personal fitness training and home and outdoors workouts.

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