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The Concorde Weighted Yoga Balls can be used during physiotherapy, yoga, and sport-specific programs. Each yoga ball weighs 1 kg / 2.2 lbs. Sold individually.

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The Concorde Weighted Yoga Balls can be used as an accessory to enhance traditional pilates and yoga poses by adding additional weight to your body movements. Can also be used as a fitness cushion for releasing any sore neck and back pain. 


  • Top Quality: Constructed of  a soft, flexible and durable vinyl outer shell. 
  • Compact Size: Features a hand-held sphere shape, that can be incorporated into a variety of exercises. 
  • Versatile: Great for improving your flexibility, posture, core strength, and overall health.

Why You Need It:
Our Yoga Balls are designed to provide you with a consistent and functional grip throughout your desired exercise. Its compact size allows for unilateral or bilateral exercise progressions, and can be easily used during balance training and stabilization exercises. 

How It Helps:
These Yoga Balls can be incorporated into any movement, for additional difficulty to help strengthen and tone your upper body muscles. The sphere shape also allows people with arthritis or limited grasping ability to have a strong grip while performing rehabilitation exercises. 

What You Can Do With It:
Yoga Balls are great for core strength, balance, rehabilitation and for toning with Pilates, Yoga or Barre fitness exercises.

Additional information

Weight 2.3 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in



This proudly Canadian brand features a wide-range of fitness, sports therapy and yoga products, perfect for beginner to advanced athletes! The Concorde line-up includes all of the must-have essentials for your home gym, yoga studio, sport injury rehabilitation, or athlete agility training.


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