Tunnels & Parachutes

Parachutes and tunnels can provide great teambuilding exercises and countless games that are insured to bring fun and excitement to children! Promote cooperative group play while helping to build upper-body strength and creating perceptual and cognitive skills while having fun!

Tunnel Of Fun

Super durable and sturdy! Each arc-shaped tunnel is made of four coloured panels, two solid colours and two mesh. Children can easily be seen, and can easily get in and out of the tunnel.

Mega Tunnel

Keep kids practicing their crawling or duck walks in this enormous nylon rainbow coloured tunnel. This jumbo sized tunnel measures 3.6 meters long and has a diameter of 90cm.

Multi-Coloured Parachute

A multi-coloured parachute made of flame retardant nylon construction.

Sensory Play

Challenge your senses. Perfect sensory play items for children and development.

Sensory Balls

An assortment of safe balls that are great for sensory work/play.

Sensory Play Sets

Sets of 6 or more sensory balls.

Scooter Board Equipment

Work on coordination, motor skills, and balance while racing, rolling, and gliding around a room on Scooter Boards. Allow children to have fun without realizing they are performing core muscle strength exercises. Great for hundreds of indoor games such as scooter hockey, racing games and many more to develop strength and coordination.

Scooter Boards

This staple in school gyms are great for hundreds of indoor games such as scooter hockey, racing games and more to develop strength and coordination.

Scooter Board Sets

Complete scooter board sets that allow you to organize fun games. Choose from scooter paddles, scooter hockey sets & more.

Scooter Board Accessories

Accessories to store and enhance your scooter boards and sets.


Products in the Kid-Fit Program have been tested with kids and educators and can be adapted for use with any special population. The products are also great for use for teams in warm-up drills or to build certain athletic skills with younger players.

Fitness Dice

Make fitness games fun and random with Fitness Die that combine exercises and repetitions.

Junior Battle Rope

Kid tested & approved, fix this durable bJunior Battle Rope to any point and get started with conditioning exercises.

Sport Balance Trainer

The BOSU Sport is a smaller size balance trainer, perfect for youth fitness training!


We offer a variety of Juggling accessories such as Juggling Scarves, Ball Sets, Plate Sest, Diabolo Sets, Rings, Clubs and more! Our Juggling accessories are great for developing hand-eye coordination and creative play for all ages!

Juggling Balls Set

Soft construction and PHTHALATE FREE vinyl. Partially filled "bean bag" type balls make tossing and catching for juggling easier. Three colors included with 3 numbers for counting. Perfect beginners set.

Games & Activities

We offer a variety of games and activities that can help kids better socialize and improve their cooperation skills. Some of our games include a Horseshoe Set, Bocce Ball Set, Cricket Set and many more that will have your kids busy for hours!

Paddles & Scoops

Pick from a range of Paddles & Scoops, perfect for indoor activities or outdoor during recess.

Game Sets

A wide range of game sets from indoor broomball set to foam horseshoe and cricket sets.

Hoops & Rings

Hoops and Rings are very versatile, as they can be used for a kids ring toss game, pool games, field days, and even speed and agility training. Some of our Hoops and Rings include our Flexible diving rings, Deck Rings, Flat Hoops and Fused Hoops.


Durable and virtually unbreakable, designed for sports drills and other fun activities!


Pick from a variety of coloured deck rings to flexible diving rings.

Flying Discs

Discs/Frisbees are suitable for both adult and kids, helping to increase hand eye coordination. They are made of safe and durable PVC material, which is non-toxic and safe to use. They are also an amazing option for playing catch in the backyard, and are great for warming up for disc golf or ultimate Frisbee. Some of these include our Plastic Flying Disc Set, Ultraskin Coated Foam Discs and many more.

Disc Sets

Discs/Frisbees sets suitable for both adult and kids, helping to increase hand eye coordination.

Soft & Plastic Discs

Safe and durable discs great for indoor or outdoor play. For all ages.

Ultimate Discs

Ultimate dics designed for recreational or competitive use.

Disc Golf Goal

Durable Plastic target for discs, frisbees and balls.

Play Kits

Our Equipment Packs are all very different, great for a variety of games for your gym class that can be used both indoors and outdoors. These Packs include our Elementary Recess Kit, Rubber Ball Kit, Safe Play Kit, Parachute Kit, Pickleball Kit.

Safe Play Kit

A collection of great sponge balls and safe play items.

Parachute Kit

A great kit to use with parachute games including whiffle balls, inflatable animals and more.

Rubber Ball Kit

A comprehensive kit of our playground series balls. Includes basketballs, soccer balls, footballs & more.

Cones & Markers

Our Cones & Markers can be used for side-line/boundary markers, plyometric, speed and agility drills, obstacles, targets, games etc. Designed to withstand players running over them, and hold up both indoors and outdoors in a variety of conditions. Some of these include our Saucer Cones, Training Cones Set, Vinyl Hockey Cone and many more.

Cones & Saucers

A must have for anyone running sports conditioning, boot camp and training drills.

Polyspots & Markers

Use polyspots & markers inside and outside to improve games, drills and workouts.

Bean Bags & Tossables

Our colourful Beanbags and animal Tossables are great for improving hand eye coordination and team bonding skills. They can be used in gym class, and outdoor play time. Some of these include our Numbered Bean Bag Set, Vinyl Rubber Bean Bag Set and much more!

Bean Bags

Bean bags can be a great way to have fun while improving hand eye coordination and team bonding skills.

Tossable Animals

Perfect for cooperative games. Tossable animals are endless enterainment for kids.

Balance & Movement

Our Balance & Movement tools allow for you to develop balance, hand-eye coordination and flexibility. Great for children’s games, park, sensory integration training etc. It can also promote children’s bone development and increase blood circulation. Some of these products include our Balance Pods, Soft Balance Beam, Hop Balls and much more!

Balance Pods & Disks

Improve dynamic balance, spatial awareness & coordination with these Balance Pods & Discs.

Bucket Stilts

Bucket Stilts are a unique and fun way to enhance coordination & balance.

Economy Hop Balls

Economy Hop balls are great for schools and constructed to last.


A staple in the school yards, explore different skipping products and games.

Activity Balls

Strength training can help to induce your muscular contradiction to increase bone, muscle, tendon and ligament strength in toughness.

Soft-Grip Footballs

Features rubber bladders, constructed with a new 3mm spongy PVC cover with a soft-grip texture.