Foam Roller Stand


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The Foam Roller Stand will keep your workout space organized while keeping your foam rollers off the floor.

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The Foam Roller Stand  is constructed with high-quality and durable material. It features five evenly-spaced holes to securely hold foam rollers in an upright position.  


  • Functional: Allows up to 5 foam rollers with 6″ diameter holes.
  • Top Quality: Made from high density EVA Foam.
  • Variation: Accommodates a wide range of foam rollers.


Why You Need It:
The Foam Roller Stand will help keep your workout room or studio clean and organized with its versatile and compact design.

How It Helps:
The Foam Roller Stand has 6 designated holes to keep your foam rollers standing upright, allowing you to maximize your space. 

What You Can Do With It:
Place your foam rollers in the 6″ diameter holes for an efficient workout space.



Additional information

Weight 2.1 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 7.25 × 4 in


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