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The KT Recovery+ Ice/Heat Wrap offers a hands-free solution for hot and cold therapy, allowing for portability and mobility during use. This versatile wrap features a reusable hot pack and reusable cold pack that can be inserted into the insulated pocket to provide longer-lasting therapy techniques for effective pain management and recovery. The wrap’s adjustable design can fit various target body parts and offers optional compression for additional relief.

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The KT Recovery+® Ice/Heat Wrap System provides a better way to treat sore or injured muscles with hot and cold therapy. No more need for inconvenient bags of ice or heat packs that you need to hold in place. This versatile wrap is adjustable in length using the built in extension to fit a variety of different targeted body areas. The wrap is hands-free, staying in place so that you can stay active. The reusable ice and heat packs included maintain their temperature longer in the insulated pocket built into the wrap. A transport bag is also included for convenience.

  • Allows portability and mobility before, during, and after physical activity.
  • Conform to fit where you need treatment in a wide variety of targeted body areas and adjust the fit to add compression.
  • Reusable heat and ice packs included that stay hotter and colder longer in insulated pocket.
  • Better way to treat muscles for peak performance or to speed recovery from injury or a challenging workout.

Each box includes:

  • One adjustable wrap with insulated pocket.
  • One reusable cold pack.
  • One reusable heat pack.
  • One travel pouch.
  • One Quick Start Guide with step-by-step instructions.

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KT Tape® has revolutionized the sports medicine industry by introducing advanced and recognized kinesiology tape and recovery products. KT Tape is a leader in sports related drug-free pain and sports injury treatment. The mission of the company is to develop breakthrough solutions to help enable fitness enthusiasts and athletes to perform their best. Crush every moment.
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