Normatec Go
Massage with air, anywhere
The Normatec Go by Hyperice delivers targeted massage for fresh legs on-the-go. Backed by the same science that powers the original Normatec system, the Normatec Go is completely portable and delivers dynamic air compression to the calf muscles to increase circulation and reduce pain and tension in the legs.
Normatec on the go
Everything you love about the original Normatec now available in a fully portable and mobile system. These lightweight wearables are TSA approved and feature new intuitive user controls to help you keep moving. No hoses and no separate control unit – Normatec Go gives you a dynamic air compression massage while standing at your desk or relaxing at home and beyond.
Explore Normatec Go
Control adjustments on Normatec Go air compression recovery device
Targeted compression for your calves
Normatec Go is made specifically for the calf muscles to flush out and rejuvenate your entire lower body. The calf muscle is often considered the second heart as it plays an important role within the circulatory system of the body. Targeted dynamic air compression massage on the calves is scientifically proven to significantly reduce inflammation and pain and increase circulation throughout your entire lower body.
Normatec Go portable air compression recovery
Revolutionary design and technology
Normatec Go features our revolutionary HyperSync™ technology which synchronizes the set of wearables to give you a symmetrical massage. With three zones of overlapping gapless 360-degree compression, Bluetooth® enabled controls via the Hyperice App, and seven levels of customizable compression – Normatec Go is the most innovative mobile dynamic air compression system on the market.
What does Normatec do?
Get science-backed recovery
Science is in our DNA. Normatec was created by a MD, PhD and designed with input from top pro athletes and sports medicine professionals.
Conquer sore muscles
Normatec is like the best massage of your life. It’s proven to help with lymphatic drainage, and decrease pain and soreness so you never have to let DOMS cramp your style.
Give your body a boost
Normatec’s compression therapy increases circulation and helps you maintain your full range of motion, leaving you fresh and limber.
Behind the design: Normatec Go
Our goal with Normatec Go was to create a Normatec that you can use anywhere. Our innovation and product teams cut dozens of prototypes and tested them out on the world's best athletes before landing on a sleek design that was small, lightweight, and quiet enough to use anywhere.
Details and specifications
Normatec Go Recovery
3 zones of overlapping gapless 360-degree compression
Normatec Go Controls
Easy to use, button controlled unit on both wearables
Normatec Go Air Compression Recovery
HyperSync™ technology for synchronized use
Weight 1.2 lbs
Product dimensions 25 x 12 x 1 in
TSA Approved Approved by TSA for carry-on
Battery life Up to 3 hours
Compression levels 7 levels
Bluetooth® Connects via Bluetooth® to the Hyperice App
What’s included with your Normatec Go
Normatec Go The actual device (2 wearables)
Power supply 2 USB-C chargers to connect to a dual port wall charger
Whats Included with Normatec Go
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