Reaction Ball


$12.99 CAD


The Reaction Ball is a  six-sided ball that will bounce in an unpredictable manner and with repetition, these movements improve your coordination, speed, and reaction time for your specific sport.


The Reaction Ball is a tool used within agility training that helps teach proper technique while improving your hand eye coordination, agility, and reaction time.


  • Design: Features a 6-sided design that makes it bounce randomly so you are always unsure where it will end up.
  • Durable: Made of 100% rubber, this ball is tough and can endure any workout. 
  • Versatile: Reaction balls can be used for agility training by yourself, with a partner or with a group. 

Why You Need It:
This COREFX Reaction Ball is a multi directional tool that helps  improve your hand eye coordination, agility, and reaction time. It can be very useful for a  variety of sports, as it works your balance and stability.

How It Helps:
The reaction ball is a multi-sport tool aimed at developing quick feet, rapid change of direction, and sharp hand-eye coordination.

What You Can Do With It:
The COREFX Reaction Ball is a tool with an endless amount of exercises and possibilities, that will help you within your specific sport.

Additional information

Weight 0.308 lbs
Dimensions 2.68 × 2.68 × 2.68 in





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