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Sensory massage balls can be used to target hard-to-reach muscle areas and break down tough knots. The Concorde Sensory Massage Ball Set includes two different sizes (7cm and 9cm in diameter), which can be used for different trigger point areas.

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The set of two massage balls provides a recovery solution for different trigger point areas pre workout or post recovery. The larger ball (9cm) is better suited for self massaging bigger muscle groups. The smaller massage ball (7cm) is great for feet, hands, and smaller muscle knots that need reaching. Using the Concorde Sensory Massage Ball Set offers immediate muscle relief and enhances blood flow.


  • Two Sizes: The Concorde Sensory Massage Ball Set includes a 7 cm and a 9 cm diameter ball. With two sizes of massage balls, you will be able to relieve a variety of hard-to-reach muscle areas.
  • Massage Anywhere: This compact set of two can be used on any chair, on the floor, on a yoga mat, and more! The portability of the massage ball set allows you to bring your recovery with you on-the-go, or easily store it at home.

Why You Need It:

Incorporating the Concorde Sensory Massage Ball Set into your routine will help to relieve sore and tight muscles, eliminate muscle knots and tension, and improve your flexibility. Show your body some love with a massage anytime and anywhere! You will have complete control by adjusting the pressure and choosing the size of ball that you use for your desired massage.

How It Helps:

The textured balls offer immediate relief as they act as mini acupressure points. This provides a kneading effect which results in deep muscle release during and after use. The Concorde Sensory Massage Ball Set can help to improve balance, increase flexibility and develop strength.

What You Can Do With It:

Massage balls are a great tool for athletes, physiotherapists or anyone with sore hard-to-reach muscles. You can use the Concorde Sensory Massage Ball Set either alone or with a partner to promote healing and enhance blood flow. The two different sizes can be used on various muscle groups in your chest, traps, feet, back, shoulders, hips, legs, glutes, and back. The set of massage balls can be easily taken with you on-the-go or used at home on any chair, wall, floor or hard surface.

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