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The COREFX Landmine Post allows you to train a multitude of rotational exercises, helping improve your strength and power while working the stabilizing muscles of the core, hips and shoulders. 

The COREFX Landmine Post weight capacity is 315 lbs. Features a base post length is 7.25″, and sleeve length 11.5″.

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The COREFX Landmine Post features a 7-gauge steel, 11-inch bar insert sleeve that is designed to pivot 360 degrees in a fluid motion, which is essential for rotational training exercises. The Landmine Post is compatible with the majority of standard Olympic barbells, requiring a 45-pound metal plate for mounting. 


  • Easy to Install: Insert bar and weight plates (weight plates over 25 lbs) into the sleeve and you’re ready for your workout! 
  • 360 Degree Swivel: Full range swivel up and down for a variety of full body exercises.
  • Durability & Security: Base constructed of Electrostatic Power Coating and thick steel for pivot sleeve. Also includes screws and wall plugs for an easy attachment.

Why You Need It:
The COREFX Landmine Post also eliminates the need for an existing rig, rack, or squat stand to start an angled barbell training regimen. As long as you have weighted plates, you can get in a  cross-training routine anywhere with the Landmine Post!

How It Helps:
The COREFX Landmine Post is a great training tool that will help  improve your strength as well as your power, allowing you to do numerous full-body exercises.

What You Can Do With It:
The Landmine Post is very effective and a simple set up. All you need is to insert the solid base to at least 2 OR MORE heavy weight plates (> 25lbs recommended), an Olympic bar into the bar sleeve, then start your workout! 

You can perform a variety of exercises such as: Landmine Press, Landmine Row, Bent Over Row, Push Press, Push Jerk, Deadlift, Cleans, Standing Barbell Russian Twist, and many more!

Additional information

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 17.25 × 2.36 × 2.36 in





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