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The COREFX Soft-Grip Speed Rope is a top of the line skipping rope that is perfect for the beginner and the advanced athlete who wants to challenge themself to build muscle endurance!

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The COREFX Speed Rope is made of heavy duty material with sweat resistance handles, and a fast revolution design. Designed to meet the demands of today’s athletes, while providing you with maximum results. 


  • Extreme Comfort: Features unique ergonomically designed handles, with a sweat absorption function for a comfortable  non-slip grip. 
  • Lightweight: With our extremely light design and unique multi-ball bearing system, the kink-free cable ensures smooth 360-degree rotation of your rope. 
  • Full Adjustable: Can be adjustable to any length within seconds with its adjustable cable length, up to 10 feet to suit your desired height. 

Why You Need It
The Soft-Grip Speed Rope can provide you with more intense workouts, helping you achieve your fitness goals at rapid speed.

How It Helps
The Soft-Grip Speed Rope is the most effective and powerful full body workout. This will help improve your heart rate, tone your muscles, while burning body fat.

What You Can Do With It
The COREFX Soft-Grip Speed Rope can provide you with countless exercises that can be worked into various workouts such as MMA, boxing, bodybuilding, personal fitness training and home workouts!

Additional information

Weight 0.396 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1.5 in





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