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The COREFX Shaker Cup is a durable and secure protein bottle! Features a twist lock cap, and firm snap-on cover, ensuring a productive workout.

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The COREFX 16oz shaker cup was intended to make your life as easy as possible. Features a stainless steel blender ball and two storage compartments for easy blending and storage of all of your sports shake powders. The blender ball technology will ensure a smooth shake every single time. BPA Free.


  • Durable: Constructed of high quality plastic that uses a specialized blend of polymers that ensure maximum shock absorption and elasticity. 
  • Dishwasher Safe: The COREFX  Shaker Cup is 100% BPA free, making it the safest supplement consumption.

Why You Need It:
Our Shaker Cup is  made out of top quality material that features a convenient carrying loop and flip cap design. The Shaker Cup will help keep you hydrated throughout your entire workout!

How It Helps:
The Shaker Cup features a secure screw-on lid, two storage compartments and a wide mouth for easy drinking! With its blender ball, the wire whisk can mix even the thickest ingredients with ease.

What You Can Do With It: 

The COREFX Shaker Cup was designed to keep you hydrated throughout your on-the-go lifestyle and throughout your workouts! Use the two quick lock storage compartments to hold your pre-workout and protein powders. 

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