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The versatile COREFX Adjustable Fitness Bench serves as both a weight bench and aerobic step, making it a valuable tool for various fitness routines. This portable and conveniently storable equipment caters to both strength training and cardio exercises. It has a maximum weight capacity of 550 lbs. when used in a flat position and 220 lbs. when inclined.

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The COREFX Adjustable Fitness Bench can be used as a multipurpose tool which doubles as a weight bench and aerobic step. This piece of portable and easy-to-store equipment can meet the needs of both your strength and cardio exercises. Supports up to 550 lbs. when flat and 220 lbs. while in the incline position. *Not Suitable for Commercial Use*


  • Adjustable Heights: The various adjustments available to the fitness bench meet your changing training needs. Adjust the height between two different levels. Adjust the angle by choosing one of three variations; incline, decline and flat. Choose between four bracket angles, ranging between 0°, 25°, 50° and 65°.
  • Anti-Slip Surface: The bench is made  to withstand full body strength and cardio workouts. Composed of high quality PP plastic with an anti-slip TPE surface, ensuring safety and comfort.
  • Compact Size: Portable for optimal usage at home or in the gym. Features steel support poles that easily fold up for a space-saving design. The Adjustable Fitness Bench includes a small storage compartment and attachment ability for your resistance bands such as the COREFX Strength Bands and Power Tubes.

Why You Need It
The fitness bench is multi-functional and can easily adjust to various heights and angels for endless workout possibilities. Save money, space and time by making the most out of your workout with this unique training tool.

How It Helps
With it’s compact and durable design, the COREFX Adjustable Bench is great for weight lifting, aerobic step workouts and resistance band training. The multitude of uses will help to elevate both your endurance and overall strength.

What You Can Do With It
The workout possibilities for this home training tool and gym accessory are infinite! The design of the adjustable bench caters to an aerobic focused workout, strength training and resistance band exercises. When looking for a step, the 8″ high bench is ideal for low-impact aerobics. Elevate the bench with the included risers to 14″ to increase the intensity. Use as a training bench in flat, inclined, or declined positions for your desired needs. Combine resistance bands and tubes or weights to various exercises such as front raises, squats, step ups, weighted rows, Bulgarian split squats, etc.

Additional information

Weight 18.986 lbs
Dimensions 44 × 14 × 8 in





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