HYGEAR Workout Stick


The HYGEAR Workout Stick comes with 2 metal anchor points (one at each side), and 2 hand grips that are extremely comfortable. Length: 42.5” (1080 mm) weight: 3.58 lbs (1.625 kg)


The HYGEAR Workout Stick offers an exciting and innovative way to train! Throughout your workouts you can move how you want, either stretch, twist, row, swing, while enhancing strength and mobility through new dynamic movements. 


  • Innovative Training: Connect the HYGEAR Workout Stick to your Gear 1 and begin to discover a variety of ways to get fit.
  • Workout Possibilities: Stretch, twist, lift, row, or swing the Workout Stick for endless exercise variations! 
  • HYROPE App: Now you can pair your HYGEAR Workout Stick for high intensity workouts led by HYGEARS’s elite trainers. 

Why You Need It:
Experience new ways to move your body, all while being led through real-time workouts.

How It Helps:
The HYGEAR Workout Stick allows you to understand how you can get in your best shape, while discovering new cardio, strength, and mobility exercises within the HYGEAR app.




HYGEAR was founded out of necessity—struggling to maintain workout routines during combat service and constant travel. The result was a more convenient, motivating way to workout, all packaged into in the worlds first true smart resistance training system – Gear 1. This all-in-one fitness system pairs premium bands made from natural latex with an interactive app that monitors workout performance in real time.
The Gear 1 and HYROPE allow you to work on various muscle groups while integrated sensors track reps, pace, weight resisted, power, calorie burn and more. This valuable data lets you evaluate your workout performance and progress, offers powerful motivation, and challenges you to reach your fitness goals—and beyond.
HYROPE Smart Jump Rope
The Smart Jump Rope creates personalized workouts for you based on your performance levels
HYGEAR Workout Stick
Stretch, twist, row, swing, while enhancing strength and mobility through new dynamic movements
HYGEAR Smart Home Gym
Complete Home Training with a Fitness Studio Feel

HYROPE Smart Jump Rope
Connect your HYROPE with your HYGEAR App


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