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The COREFX Power Tubes are a safe, portable and ultra-versatile training tool that incorporates resistance training to help strengthen, tone and stretch your muscles! The Power Tubes are made from top-grade 100% natural latex for maximum durability and stretch. Available in five different weight resistance levels that have been strength-tested to determine reliable weight-resistance levels. This provides you with a variety of options pending on your desired exercise or strength level.

White Light 10LB
Red Medium 15LB
Blue Heavy 20LB
Grey Very Heavy 30LB
Black Ultra Heavy 50LB



Get an effective workout in on-the-go or at home with this safe, portable and versatile resistance training tool. The 100% natural latex material provides maximum durability and stretch. Easily add resistance tubing to any workout routine to add difficulty and increase results.


  • 5 Resistances: With five resistance options, you can choose the correct resistance for your fitness level or for your desired workout. The COREFX Power Tubes feature a unique handle with colour coded webbing for easy resistance level identification. Ranging from 10 to 50 lbs of resistance, there is a Power Tube for everyone!
  • Portable and Versatile: This equipment is light and portable but also durable and powerful. It can be rolled up and easily transported between the home, gym, fitness class, or for use in physical therapy. The Power Tube is also easy-to-store as it can fit easily tucked away in any drawer or hang neatly on a hook.
  • Quality Tested and Inspected: With 100% natural latex, The COREFX Power Tubes have maximum durability and stretch.
  • Physiotherapist Approved: Physical Therapists and Personal Trainers incorporate resistance training into their practice. Not only are resistance tubes great for building muscle and maintaining tone at the gym, they also make a great tool for physiotherapy.  This is especially useful for those suffering from a torn ACL, torn MCL, or for people recovering from knee replacement surgery.

Why You Need It
Incorporating the COREFX Power Tubes into your fitness routine will help enhance your movement efficiency, decrease the chances of injury, and improve your overall performance. The Power Tubes help to restore joint mechanics, improve range of movement and release previously injured tissue while performing the athletic movement you are trying to improve.

How It Helps
Resistance training encourages blood flow. This helps to increase circulation and warm up the muscles. The COREFX Power Tubes effectively relieve pain, speed up recovery and promote flexibility.

What You Can Do With It
This versatile tool can be easily integrated into any workout program, such as stretching and strength training! These tubes can be used to work on various parts of the body, such as ankle resistance bands, knees resistance bands, legs resistance bands, thighs and wrists. This tubing is also great for larger athletes like power lifters and strongmen when more compression is needed! Pair with The COREFX Door Anchor for additional workout uses that involve a stationary point of resistance.

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